As is the case for many in their chosen form of self-expression, my work has been both experimental and fulfilling, changing over time by my travels and life experiences. But the one common thread between all my works is reality disassembled by my response to it. It’s sorted out in an intuitive process then transferred onto the canvas as pure emotion rendered by color, shape and depth.

Being an abstract expressionist painter, I approach a canvas with no plan, but rather allow for the creative process to take over and paint the way I’m feeling in the moment. Drawing inspiration from life and all that it offers us, my work is an expression of my perception and interpretation of what I see and experience: the energy of Manhattan, the serenity of the ocean or the love I have for my children … ultimately my work is shaped by the many facets of the environment and humanity.

In the end my paintings invite reactions to form, color and movement that allow the viewer to appreciate their own inherent impressions. 

Isabelle Peabody